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@GameObject Will also have some exciting news to tell you soon about Blocklings current status!
Hey everyone, I thought it would be a great time to show some screen shots of what we've been working on. Over the past month we've implemented a dyeing system to colour all block types, fixed some huge bugs with memory management, added in a procedural terrain colour ramp, worked a lot on chunk loading, improved the UI, built a texture atlas maker for both sprites and texture emissions, added in new block types, completed the basic train engine that path finds along railroads, added some plant types, created mono rail tracks, and more.

In the photos below you can see some of the dyeing system. For example, this computer has been dyed. Right now we have 256 colour dyeing system available but we can expand it to broader range if it is something people really demand.
prealpha1.png prealpha2.png

Even railways can be dyed, any block can be dyed in creative mode. In survival mode you will require proper resources to dye blocks.


Mining laser below being fired. The mining laser will have several different strengths/options which will also have different particles/particle colours to show upgraded versions. You can also catch a glimpse of the mono rail track here. prealpha6.png prealpha5.png
Midnight in blocklings, it's pretty dark but there is just enough light to see around. You will need to build a flashlight or lighting equipment to see at night. prealpha7.png prealpha8.png

I will be posting more, this past month a lot of the work put in didn't have visuals that I could really show and since most people don't enjoy text walls, I try to keep my posts more oriented towards visual aspects of the game.

We're getting closer to a pre-alpha release but not quiet there yet. Stay tuned!
Hey everyone, over the past few days we've been working on atlas generation and texture/UV mapping to allow us to pack all textures onto a single texture atlas and reduce draw calls, improving performance but also making it a lot easier to add custom textures later on for players who want to build their own texture sets. We were originally using a texture sheet for voxels but for mesh models added onto a chunk, they required a separate material (more draw calls/reduced performance). To reduce draw calls, we've created a texture atlas maker that will just combine textures onto one texture atlas.

In addition, a fun feature of blocklings will be dyeing voxels. Today we coded a colour palette generator based on HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) loop, which will later be used as a palette for block dyeing. We'll add in a UI and actual colour gradient based dyeing menu system later on. :cool:

More to come. :)

blocklings color palette.png
Hey everyone, last week we spent time improving on procedural generation, chunk loading, fixing some bugs with physics, adding in tree placement, more experimentation on biome generation, and starting day/night cycle.

On the topic of procedural land generation, this is something that requires a lot of tweaking and experimenting. What we had before were some mountains and valleys but I've managed to refine it to actual planes, mountains, and hills to give a mix of flatlands + more rigid terrain spread out over larger distances. There's a reason why other procedural voxel games spend years trying to get generation right, it isn't something that just happens over night. If you've looked up perlin noise, billow noise, multifractals, and then combining all of these, it can become quite complex! Nonetheless, we're working on it. :)

For chunk loading, there were some problems with chunks not loading after something broke. It seems to be working now though after rewriting some methods. :)

Anyway, more to come soon! Stay tuned, can't wait to bring this more towards a point where we could perhaps host a twitch stream and show what we have. We're not quite there yet but hope to be soon.



Hey everyone, today we spent a bit of time working on ambient occlusion and self illumination.

What is Ambient Occlusion? AO is a technique used to create surface shadows similar to how they would be in real life. In the image below, you can see at the base of the dirt it is darker where it meets with another voxel on a different angled vertex. That shadow and its diffusion is AO and makes the game more visually pleasant.

What is self illumination? It's a rendering technique to make certain textures look illuminated by excluding them from shadows. This didn't take too long to implement compared to getting ambient occlusion to work, which was a bit of a head ache. Anyway, you can see it's working now! Looks great IMO.

Hey everyone, this week we've been working on trains and railroad system. This involves creating the tracks and programming a pathfinding system so the train follows the tracks. We've completed the basic railway blocks including the turn tracks, incline/decline tracks, straight path tracks, and wide turn tracks. In addition, we've mostly completed railway pathfinding along the railway track, and mounting/dismounting the train to ride on it.

You can expect trains to begin to do various tasks in later versions of the game, they aren't just for riding but also will have industrial purpose in Blocklings. More to come in the next dev log!
Happy Friday everyone! This week we added in a few new features as well as fixed some bugs and errors. We added in some effects when blocks are destroyed, such as exploding into a bunch of smaller blocks. In addition, in-world 3d tool tips and UI was added to compliment the flat menu interface we already have. With a 3d in-world UI in addition to the regular 2D GUI for standard menu items, we can now easily add in things like signs, hover notice boards, 3d tool-tips, and dialog boxes that pop up over-top of in-world voxels. This help us to add instructions on how to use an item in-game and also give you options to post notices and billboards in-game.

This week I also spent a lot more time working on chunk loading. I know I keep mentioning this every post but it's not an easy thing to get right in terms of balancing smoothness, a decent view distance, and without hiccups. I've done a lot of experimentation and different approaches, trying to find the best approach - hence why I probably have rewritten things several times! I'm happy with the progress made so far though and things are really coming together.

Below are a few screen shots of a few minerals and tech blocks. You'll notice a small news flash box on the top right as well, this just lets you know of in-world events and notifications.


Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great week. This past week we spent more time figuring out a few bugs with chunk loading and object pooling. We're still working on fixing a few problems to make things work a bit better to optimize the chunks. This week we also added in a few animations to make chunk loading a little more smooth visually as well as block mining animations! :) We also began the foundation of building voxel based buildable vehicles - although this won't be released in pre-alpha, I couldn't help but spend a night starting to add this in. More to come soon, just a short post today!

blocklings prealpha.png
Hey everyone, this past week after creating the trees you saw in my last post, we started to focus on optimizing the chunk loader more. We've been experimenting with different ways to optimize performance and to fix some issues with chunk loading and distance. Right now it loads 8 chunk distance in front and behind, with a total diameter of 16 chunks - pretty standard for voxel games. This can be increased by the user to extend view distance at the cost of performance. However, by offsetting that work to different threads we can increase how much we process to try and improve performance and load more chunks. For me I like things to load lightning fast, I absolutely hate seeing chunks load or stutter in other games - so I'd like to optimize as much as possible and pool chunk mesh generation and terrain generation into worker threads. This is exactly what we're doing right now and reworking part of the design of our chunk loader.

Anyway, more to come! Once this gets sorted out, perhaps then I can program more fun things like trains? :p

I spent the day today working on trees. Well actually, I spent the day figuring out how to create and then fill an ellipse in code so I could create trees. It's funny how the most mundane shapes can become quite a task in programming. I finally settled for the bresenham algorithm to draw and fill voxel ellipses. Tomorrow it is likely that work will continue on tree's as you can see the pine tree's in the background are kind of an odd shape.

Also, you might also notice the depth of field blurring in these images - that can be turned on or off as an option. For me I think it makes a nice bokeh effect so I like to take screen shots with it on.

blocklings-prealpha-1.png blocklings-prealpha-2.png
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