Hey everyone, it's almost weekend again! Here's a quick update on what we've been working on. We've created an in-game radio stream that allows you to stream shoutcast and 1.fm stations among other mp3 sources from radio blocks you can place in-world. You can use this to listen to live internet radio and setup music on your land that other players will hear. This will be fun for building clubs or hosting events on your land! Now you can host live music and share with friends! All you have to do is enter the station mp3 url and then turn the radio on. In this video I demo it but keep in mind the UI is not finished.

This week we also further refined the chunkloader to handle more complex loading/unloading of items outside of simple voxels. I didn't expect the audio stream to take so long but I had to learn how to process mp3 frames and kind of had a pretty in-depth education in learning how to decode shoutcast radio streams on a byte by byte level. For anyone in programming, if programming with shoutcast, in a webrequest look for icy-metaint in the respone header which will tell you how many bytes between metadata being sent in the audio stream. Also, if you ever need to find the start of an mp3 frame, if you have a byte 0xff followed by 0xe0, you've probably found the start of an mp3 frame. :p

More to come! Stay tuned my friends. :)

Howdy everyone, happy Saturday! Today we added in options to change graphics options to better adapt to different computer capabilities. We also added in player flying so players can fly in creative mode.

The option menu is crude, basic, and lacking features but as we continue in development, more shall be added! In the mean time, here's a quick shot of a little castle bridge made while testing. Today we also added in a music block that plays music. More about this feature will come as it's completed, but IMO it's going to be pretty cool and kind of reminds me of the fun days back in Second Life.

Hey everyone, another update! Over the past few days we've been adding in more options to the pre-game menu for loading/saving maps, configuring maps, and adding a cool little chunk preview generator so that you can customize your map a bit. With these menus almost complete, it will open up more time for me to work on other in-game components. I've also been playing around with multimedia streaming, which I'll talk more about in coming posts - I'm actually pretty excited for this.
Anyway, just a quick update with a brief screen shot of a wee little stone castle. I've realized I really need to refine the colour scheme - I'm not happy with the colours/brightness/lighting so that will be adjusted soon. Hope everyone has a good weekend, happy Friday!

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a quick screen shot of before vs after the code optimization we did today on chunk loading and rendering. This post is for the more technical people or anyone interested in learning a tiny bit about chunk loading! :)

For those of you who don't know what a chunk is, let me try to explain. Pretend you have a solid large square map that is 10km by 10km in size and 10km deep - essentially a big cube, called a mesh. If you want to modify the shape of the map and dig up a small portion, the computer would have to redraw this entire map. With a map so large it can take a lot of processing time to redraw and result in slower game play and a drop in FPS. How can you speed this up? Instead you can divide it into pieces, or "chunks", to speed up the process so the computer doesnt have to redraw the entire map. You could have ten 1km by 1km chunks to make up your 10km map. Then, if you modify one part of the map, only that 1km by 1km chunk needs to be redrawn by the computer! This makes things faster. Even then, your code has to be very efficient to be able to redraw the meshes, recreate physics, and a bunch of other things to keep track of!

So with that in mind, today we spent time time optimizing the chunk loader. In the image attached you can see a before and after screen grab - notice the total % and time it took in each line before vs after. Each call is lower after by a significant margin :). This actually made a pretty big improvement for Blocklings! Also, keep in mind that this was done with a deep profiler which in and of itself adds huge overhead to log tens of thousands of calls in code lines being called every few seconds. The deep profiler is only used for debuging and not in normal game play, so things are actually more efficient than they seem both before and after but still we made huge improvements today!

Hey everyone, quick update from us! We've been working on creating the start screen, load/save game menu, and a few other UI items over the past couple of days. We've sort of gone between the interface to playing with different procedural generation algorithms, to spending some time working on day/night transitions, then back to the interface again. We'll share the interface with you more when it is cleaned up and pretty.

In the mean time, here's some interesting screen grabs from a few days ago in testing diff fractal algorithms. Images below should not be expected to be in Blocklings playable version - these are simply offspring of testing with fractals. We will leave options to create custom mutations of terrains on top of a seed number as it can be quite fun to plug in some numbers and see what comes up!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a few teasers of fractal caves we've made in Blocklings. We've been playing around with fractals to generate caverns and here's what we've come up with so far. In the images below you will see an inverted look at the caves. In reality, it will be the opposite here where the open air will be dirt/rock/strata and the dirt you see in these photos will be open caves underground. The reason for doing it this way is so we can more easily test to see how the caves are forming for testing. Hope you enjoy these screen grabs!

blocklings cave 1.png blocklings cave 2.png blocklings cave 3.png
Hey everyone, this past weekend we spent some time adding in a few assets we've developed into Blocklings. You can see we've added rails, torches, a steam engine, and some coloured blocks! Eventually coloured blocks will have a dyeing system but this is to be added at a later date.

We're currently working on the pathfinding for the steam engine utilizing a waypoint system we're developing. Once complete, trains will be able to follow your rails and take you to and from where ever you build your railway to! The UI is still a work in progress but the hotbar and UI drag and drop is functioning now as well as highlighting the selected item on the hotbar.

Stay tuned for more updates to come.

1.png 2.png
We just wanted to keep you guys and girls updated on Blocklings. Things have been going really well over the past few days. We had some issues that had delayed us slightly on some of our weekly goals that we have now cleared up with and working hard on the Creative portion of Blocklings as well as a really cool feature we think you guys will love but will wait until the next Dev Log to share with you.

We have a new VoxelShop Tutorial up, this time being a full Video Tutorial on how to get started on VoxelShop.

If you ever need help with VoxelShop or modeling for Blocklings, then feel free to post in this section anytime:
Today we made a small video introducing our Stone Legion Gaming Community to Blocklings. We have a feeling you guys and girls would also like to see it. Be warned though that the encoding was quite low at the time, so the colors might be a bit off but remember this is Pre-Alpha 0.1. This means everything can and will be broken!

Chris is working very hard on the Inventory System. We hope to have something in the next 48-72 hours but it might take a bit longer. We rather do the Inventory foundation right the first time rather then having to redo it again.

Once we have a the Inventory working will be posting our very first build for people who have Purchased Blocklings to download!

There will be no NDA and will be completely transparent with you.

Hey everybody! Today Chris and I wanted to share another couple of screenshots with you showing more of our assets that are growing everyday. We been working on homing on our skills and also slowly building up our library of Voxel Models.

If you did not know all our Graphical Assets are open source for everyone to take a look or even play around with on GitHub. We hope to get players Interested in helping create models down the road and give them credit in game via the Tooltips so everyone can see their participation. We might even host little challenges and rewards further down the road.

If you are Interested in helping create any models then we suggest you check out this work in progress guide!

Here is a picture of a Well in VoxelShop our recommended Voxel Tool.

In other news we have added many more Social Media websites to our growing list at the bottom of the forums at the right. If there is a Social Media site that you think we should be involve with then let us know. We hope to keep these updated with Videos & Pictures as time goes on. We hope to also share your contributions on it as well!


We hope you enjoyed what you saw today and there will be more technical Dev Logs in the future by Chris.