Hey everyone, as you can see we've been working hard on Blocklings. Between last post and this post Kane and I have upgraded Blocklings terrain generation, lighting, shaders, and made some amazing looking models! We're also in the process of building the Blocklings website.

I've added a few screen shots of what we have so far. We're at a point where the world generates and you can walk around in single player to dig or place blocks. We're working hard to add in the UI and inventory system, moving towards having creative mode first with single or multiplayer. From there we'll begin to add in survival mode as outlined in our feature list. Our feature list isn't a fixed point but a rough guide and we're happy to hear suggestions and feedback.

It is our goal to launch pre-alpha 1 very soon - just keep in mind pre-alpha 1 will be the most bare bones version of this game and significantly incomplete! Nonetheless we're happy to have you along for the ride as we create Blocklings! Stay tuned for more info. I know Kane also has some awesome asset screen shots he'll be sharing in the coming days as well. :)

blocklingstreasurechest.png blocklingstreasurechest2.png
What is Blocklings?
Blocklings is a voxel game where you can build your dreams and let your imagination run free. Blockizens can build amazing train systems, farm, fish, build castles, launch satellites, explore deep caves and caverns, set up industrial mining equipment, build houses for friends and family, fortresses to battle with, and much much more. If you want to survive the elements or build in creative mode, Blocklings aims to provide both.

What makes Blocklings so fun?
As a player you can create your very own industries, train systems, farming, fishing, and even satellite space program. If you're into building in creative or playing survival, playing with friends in multiplayer or single player, Blocklings will have a lot of fun features. We're also still developing so this is your perfect time to throw us your ideas because we love to add in what players want! Just say hi on the forums - we love meeting new people!

I have made an awesome voxel set, can you include it in your game?
We also want to include content that players create. In fact we have a thread set up for players to create their own voxel art and we will add it into the game as content in updates for everyone. Keep in mind it has to be very good in quality but we welcome you to try and see what you can come up with!

When will Pre-Alpha release?
We want to release pre-alpha sometime this fall. Keep in mind pre-alpha is very early version of the game and much of the features are yet to be programmed in. Nonetheless, you can expect that we will keep updating and adding in features all the time as we're working on this game almost all day and every day. Pre-alpha will mean a lot of things are missing and don't work so you shouldn't have your expectations on a finished product.

Where can I find a feature list?

Greetings Blocklings! Today we set up our repo, Unity project, and put Blocklings.com up! Kane has done a wonderful job putting the site up and we'll be setting up the home page portal next!

Going forward you can expect us to post dev logs and progress updates several times a week. We have a lot of great ideas ready for Blocklings which we will be sharing as we develop! Stay tuned my fellow Blockizens.
Today marks a special day in the history of Blocklings. Today is the day when the Blockverse was born and there was a Big Block Bang. Block life started to evolve around the Blockverse and the first small intelligence started to form on the Blocklings called Blocklings.

They are known as the Blocklings...

Welcome to Blocklings!

Everything you see here is 100% under progress. We are hoping to change the way developers have treated you and try to be as open, honest, and transparent through the development of Blocklings. We want to earn your trust and we hope we will accomplish that over the next few weeks, months, and even many years of joy.