Dev Log 13 - From ellipses to trees

Discussion in 'Developers Blog' started by GameObject, Sep 22, 2015.

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    I spent the day today working on trees. Well actually, I spent the day figuring out how to create and then fill an ellipse in code so I could create trees. It's funny how the most mundane shapes can become quite a task in programming. I finally settled for the bresenham algorithm to draw and fill voxel ellipses. Tomorrow it is likely that work will continue on tree's as you can see the pine tree's in the background are kind of an odd shape.

    Also, you might also notice the depth of field blurring in these images - that can be turned on or off as an option. For me I think it makes a nice bokeh effect so I like to take screen shots with it on.

    blocklings-prealpha-1.png blocklings-prealpha-2.png
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    I like the shape of these trees, but what do I know? you are the expert. keep up the great work! ^.^
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