Dev Log 14 - Multithreading and optimization

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    Hey everyone, this past week after creating the trees you saw in my last post, we started to focus on optimizing the chunk loader more. We've been experimenting with different ways to optimize performance and to fix some issues with chunk loading and distance. Right now it loads 8 chunk distance in front and behind, with a total diameter of 16 chunks - pretty standard for voxel games. This can be increased by the user to extend view distance at the cost of performance. However, by offsetting that work to different threads we can increase how much we process to try and improve performance and load more chunks. For me I like things to load lightning fast, I absolutely hate seeing chunks load or stutter in other games - so I'd like to optimize as much as possible and pool chunk mesh generation and terrain generation into worker threads. This is exactly what we're doing right now and reworking part of the design of our chunk loader.

    Anyway, more to come! Once this gets sorted out, perhaps then I can program more fun things like trains? :p

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    cant wait ^.^
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