Dev Log 16 - In-world tooltips and notice boards

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    Happy Friday everyone! This week we added in a few new features as well as fixed some bugs and errors. We added in some effects when blocks are destroyed, such as exploding into a bunch of smaller blocks. In addition, in-world 3d tool tips and UI was added to compliment the flat menu interface we already have. With a 3d in-world UI in addition to the regular 2D GUI for standard menu items, we can now easily add in things like signs, hover notice boards, 3d tool-tips, and dialog boxes that pop up over-top of in-world voxels. This help us to add instructions on how to use an item in-game and also give you options to post notices and billboards in-game.

    This week I also spent a lot more time working on chunk loading. I know I keep mentioning this every post but it's not an easy thing to get right in terms of balancing smoothness, a decent view distance, and without hiccups. I've done a lot of experimentation and different approaches, trying to find the best approach - hence why I probably have rewritten things several times! I'm happy with the progress made so far though and things are really coming together.

    Below are a few screen shots of a few minerals and tech blocks. You'll notice a small news flash box on the top right as well, this just lets you know of in-world events and notifications.


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