Dev Log 20: Texture atlas, custom textures, and voxel dyeing

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    Hey everyone, over the past few days we've been working on atlas generation and texture/UV mapping to allow us to pack all textures onto a single texture atlas and reduce draw calls, improving performance but also making it a lot easier to add custom textures later on for players who want to build their own texture sets. We were originally using a texture sheet for voxels but for mesh models added onto a chunk, they required a separate material (more draw calls/reduced performance). To reduce draw calls, we've created a texture atlas maker that will just combine textures onto one texture atlas.

    In addition, a fun feature of blocklings will be dyeing voxels. Today we coded a colour palette generator based on HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) loop, which will later be used as a palette for block dyeing. We'll add in a UI and actual colour gradient based dyeing menu system later on. :cool:

    More to come. :)

    blocklings color palette.png
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