Dev Log 21: Block dyeing and latest Blocklings news

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    Hey everyone, I thought it would be a great time to show some screen shots of what we've been working on. Over the past month we've implemented a dyeing system to colour all block types, fixed some huge bugs with memory management, added in a procedural terrain colour ramp, worked a lot on chunk loading, improved the UI, built a texture atlas maker for both sprites and texture emissions, added in new block types, completed the basic train engine that path finds along railroads, added some plant types, created mono rail tracks, and more.

    In the photos below you can see some of the dyeing system. For example, this computer has been dyed. Right now we have 256 colour dyeing system available but we can expand it to broader range if it is something people really demand.
    prealpha1.png prealpha2.png

    Even railways can be dyed, any block can be dyed in creative mode. In survival mode you will require proper resources to dye blocks.


    Mining laser below being fired. The mining laser will have several different strengths/options which will also have different particles/particle colours to show upgraded versions. You can also catch a glimpse of the mono rail track here. prealpha6.png prealpha5.png
    Midnight in blocklings, it's pretty dark but there is just enough light to see around. You will need to build a flashlight or lighting equipment to see at night. prealpha7.png prealpha8.png

    I will be posting more, this past month a lot of the work put in didn't have visuals that I could really show and since most people don't enjoy text walls, I try to keep my posts more oriented towards visual aspects of the game.

    We're getting closer to a pre-alpha release but not quiet there yet. Stay tuned!
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    Wow!! It sounds like so much work. I really like the visual aspect of the game ;) ^.^
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    I really like the look of this
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